Commonly Asked Questions

1)  How much will this cost?
The entire cost for campus buildings, parking lots, landscaping, and infrastructure developments will be approximately $4.3 million.

2)  Since our goal for the Building Campaign of $2 million does not represent the entire need,  will we be required to take out a loan for us to start building?
The Building Campaign goal represents the need to get started on land development, required infrastructure and subsequent buildings. The eventual need, based on 2018 dollars, is $4.3 million. The remaining need of $2.3 million will be made available from other sources, including the option to take out a mortgage loan.

3)  Who will contribute?
Because of the consistent giving of many at TLC, we have already paid off our land and have over $2,000,000 in savings to start. We believe that everyone can contribute something as we ask God to show us how He will make it possible. We have also requested help from a Christian Foundation, our Denominational District and will be speaking to other individuals outside of Turning Leaf Church.

4)  Have we explored all our options or are we rushing into this?
The TLC Building and Land Committee has spent many hours investigating and discussing potential purchase opportunities in the west valley during the past few years. They, along with your elected Advisory Team members, have fervently prayed over all these options and believe that God is calling us to move forward now in order to most effectively minister to our surrounding community.

5)  Where can I see the plans?
Conceptual drawings are now available on our website. Over the next several weeks, our architect, Merge Architectural Group, will be creating more detailed drawings and renderings of the proposed buildings that will be available for the congregation to view once they are completed.

6)  I noticed that we are planning on building a multi-purpose building rather than a traditional sanctuary. What brought our leaders to that decision? 
After much discussion by the leadership teams, it was decided that a multi-purpose building (worship and gymnasium) would enable us to minister to the widest age grouping possible. This plan maximizes the use of the property in the most cost effective way, eliminating the need for two separate structures.

7) Will all of the money given to the Building Campaign be used toward building costs?
Any gift given to the TLC Building Campaign will not be used for other projects or operating budget needs. Turning Leaf does believe that just as individuals tithe 10% of their income, our practice should be, and has been, to tithe on our income as well. All gifts given to Turning Leaf are tithed upon with the money supporting Nazarene World Missions, Christian Education, Pastors Pensions and Benefits, and our Arizona District ministries. We fully believe that God honors our commitment to tithe. We believe that God has blessed and will continue to bless the 90% that is left in our care in a greater way than He could ever bless the 100% that we could fearfully hold on to. 

8)  How and where will Building Campaign offerings be invested over the next three years?
Your Finance Committee and Advisory Team have begun discussions as to how the incoming building funds should be invested. Since the FDIC will only insure funds in one account up to $250,000, most likely we will need to invest in several institutions.  Rest assured that funds will be carefully deposited into accounts that will maximize dividends with minimum risk.

9)  If the giving portion of the Building Campaign lasts three years, does that mean we will not beable to begin building until then?
It is hoped that as sufficient funds become available through your faithful giving, some construction efforts can begin towards the end of the fundraising. Building permit time limitations will restrict us from moving forward too early. Currently we are hoping to begin construction in April 2019.

10)  Would we be able to lower costs by providing some of our own labor, or would that slow down the project?
It is possible that using some of our own labor could save a small amount of the total cost. However, not at the expense of large amounts of time needed to complete the project. It is important to keep in mind that the sooner we can move onto our property, the sooner we can maximize ministry efforts to the community around us.

11) How will we as a church be kept apprised over the next three years as to how the giving is progressing?
The first Sunday of each month during the giving portion of the campaign will be our “First Fruits” Sunday. On these Sundays, there will be both verbal AND visual updates provided. More importantly, there will also be occasional opportunities given during the three years to those wishing to share how God has been enabling them to “Help Write Our Story”.