January Update

Last Sunday we passed a new milestone in our church history by filling a financial gap that we needed in order to stay on track with our building plans. Does it solve everything? No. But what I am continually reminded of is that every time we feel like we are at a dead end or potential “no go,” scenario, God always reminds us that he is with us and in our building plans, and so we keep moving forward. Did we reach our goal of $500,000? No. But we came close, and God will continue to provide for our needs.

At the beginning of December, we announced the $500,000 need. Over December we received $104,595 toward that need, and then received commitments last Sunday, now totaling, $327,591, raising a total of $432,516! I can’t tell you how much it excites me that not only have you given sacrificially since the beginning, but you have said by your recent commitments  that you are committed to see this through.

Something I want to remind you of is that we don’t need to have the money immediately. We just need to know what we have available to build with. The commitments can be given any time during the year.

I wish I could say that we can now step right into the building process. It is never that simple. Since finishing our initial drawings, our architect has moved on to other projects. Now that we need revisions, we have to wait our turn to have the work done. Once those changes are made, we will submit our drawings to Maricopa County and Glendale City. Both entities will take their time in reviewing everything. As we wait, it is not that progress is not being made, it is just that the progress is not being accomplished by us and, for the most part, out of our control.

God’s provisions are great. We have nothing to fear. Don’t forget to pray along with me every day for 40 days that God will provide a way for us to build debt free. I don’t know how, but I know who. Thank you for taking this journey with me.



Jeff FillisComment