February Update

Do you ever wonder how specific God is? Does he just generally care about us, or does he specifically care about us and all that is important to us? The last few months I have been doing a little whining to God; “Are we ever going to get some good news about our building plans?” “Is the timeline ever going to move forward again?” Well, last week Jerry Patten, our building manager emailed me with some updated news. He had just finished delivering some modular buildings to a school that are very similar to the modular buildings we will use for our Children’s space. We went with Jerry to look at them and then sat down to look at an updated timeline. Jerry believes that if things go well, we will be able to submit our plans to the County on March 8th and potentially break ground on the first Sunday of May. Those dates are important because March 8th is my birthday and May 5th is our Turning Leaf anniversary Sunday! 

Now, I have been reminded many times in this process that things don’t always go as planned. One of my good friends, who will go unnamed, is probably cringing, or maybe laughing at me for even sharing these dates. If we don’t hit those target dates I promise not to rant and rave to God about it. But it just feels like a very grace filled, specific, personal answer from God to remind me that he is still in control of all of this. And if these dates are God’s dates, then we will hit the bullseye!

Maybe this little update will encourage you in your life as you wait for God to move in situations you are facing. God loves to surprise us. I pray he surprises you with an answer today.

Jeff FillisComment