Stories From The Streets / Twiggy

There are so many heart wrenching stories about people living unsheltered and/or living in poverty that it breaks my heart. Most reasons for living in this condition stem from childhood trauma such as abuse, neglect, mental health problems, substance abuse in the family or generational poverty passed down from generation to generation.
The statistics for women living on the streets are staggering.

Most unsheltered women are victims of domestic, physical, or sexual abuse and flee from the abuse by living on the streets. These women would rather be exposed to the elements on the streets rather than live with abuse. Many have children and run to protect themselves as well as their children.

Like many of the thousands of women living on the streets, Twiggy has lived a tragic and difficult life. She was taken away from her biological parents for neglect and abuse as a baby and placed within the foster care system. Her first foster family while not abusive, never touched, loved or encouraged her and she felt unloved and unwanted. She was moved to another foster home as a young child where she was beaten and abused. She ran away often and tried to commit suicide on several occasionsuntil she was once again removed from that home and sent to several others. After running away several times and living from boyfriend to boyfriend as a teen, and house to house, she was taken to a girls group home until the age of 18.

After many years of physical and sexual abuse from boyfriends, she settled down and married a man much older than herself and she gave birth to two boys. During this time, drinking to escape the irreversible damage of her childhood became the norm. Drinking to numb the pain became a way of life and when her husband passed away suddenly, she found herself and her children unable to survive and they ended up living on the streets. The children were soon taken away and they too ended up in foster care and Twiggy, heartbroken and alone, has spent the last several years of her life drinking heavily and living on the streets.

Recently, Twiggy has been working hard on getting herself off of the streets and into an efficiency apartment. She has entered a rehabilitation program and is working really hard on getting her life back on track. She receives monthly disability checks that will be used to pay rent but is in desperate need of household items such as pots and pans, dishes, towels and wash clothes, sheets and blankets, silverware and kitchen utensils, cleaning products and decorations. Let's bless the socks off of this once homeless lady who is trying so hard to get off of the dangerous streets and make a better life for herself.

If you would like to donate items or provide funds to buy items, or just pray for Twiggy, please let me know.

“He rescues the poor who call to him, and those who are needy and neglected.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭72:12‬ ‭