Stories from the Streets / James

There are many different kinds of people who come to the park each week in need of a hot meal, and a little kindness and love. Meet James...James travels many miles on a city bus each week to come to the park to eat a delicious meal. Seeing James each week puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. When our eyes meet, his face lights up like a Christmas tree and he is up on his feet ready to give me the biggest hug ever!! Looking at James you would never know it but, James is deaf. James was born deaf and because of his hearing limitations, he lives in a group home with other men who also have limitations. Because he lives on a fixed income, James travels miles and miles on a city bus each Tuesday to enjoy a home cooked meal and fellowship with friends. Each week before James leaves for the bus stop, he asks for 4 "to go" plates of food that he neatly packs inside a plastic grocery bag that he brings on the bus with him each week. The reason James gets 4 "to go" plates each week may surprise you.. These extra plates of food are not meals for him to eat and enjoy throughout the week, but instead, they are plates he brings back and shares with the other men who live in the group home with him!! What an amazing act of selfless love and kindness!! This man's big heart and willingness to travel miles on a bus to bring a delicious meal to his friends is the kind of love that Jesus has for all of us.